Real Pets.html by Me

Welcome to the real pets page. Here you can find out about all the pets I own in real life. I currently have 2 cats, and two fish. If you want to read more about my pets feel free to scroll down the page. If not, enjoy the rest of your time at Petz Island!

Precious Bundle "Duckling"
Born: May 14, 1998

Precious Bundle the Silver Tabby/Persian/Bobcat mix
This is my favorite cat. I got his name out of a book called the Inn of the Six Happiness. Precious Bundle enjoys watching my fish, being petted, running around outside, and scratching everything except his scratching post. I have even been able to teach him how to stand up on his hind legs. My dad taught him to follow you to the garage (which is where he is suppossed to live) when you say "PB garage". My brother taught him to bonk heads when you say "PB if you like me bonk heads" the only problem is he only does that for my brother. :-/ All in all Precious Bundle is an awesome kitty.

Buster Brown
Born: April 26, 2005

Buster the Sealpoint Siamese
Buster joined the family just six months after our old siamese "Bubby" died. I'm not real sure how Buster got his name, we were just driving home and somebody said "let's name him Buster", and so we did. What started out as a holy terror turned into a very intelligent cat. Buster spends most of his day sleeping around the house and his nights patrolling the neighborhood. Although he can still be mean we have learned how to live with him and sometimes even like him.

Sedonna and Clementine
My Goldfish, and Koi
These are my two cold water fish. Sedonna is a common goldfish that I bought in July of 2002. He was my first fish and has managed to out live all the other ones that I've had through the years. :) Clementine is a koi which I bought in February 2003. I thought by looking at him/her through the glass at Wal-Mart that Clementine was yellow, but instead Clementine is a pale orange. Both fish spend their time swimming together in their 29 gallon aquarium.