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My name is Prudence and I will be your host for today. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at your convenience. On this page we post all of the litterz from our PKC petz and mixed petz. Most of the time the kittens/puppies will only be from PKC Champion/Premier parents. If you would like to adopt a petz simply read the rules, fill out the form and that's all there is to it. Have a great day!
~ Prudence

~ Adoption Rules ~

1. One (1) petz per litter per person.
2. All petz must be shown in the PKC unless other wise stated.
3. You must keep what ever show prefects the petz have.
4. The "why" part of the form must be filled out for PKC Petz.
5. Freebies don't require the why section filled out.
6. All petz will carry the PI prefects unless otherwise noted.
7. On the part that asks if you read the rules please type in "bubbles".

If anyone disobeys these rules I have the right to ignore their adoption form.

All Available
*Freebies* Pups are PKC companion registerable or are more then welcome to go to non-pkc homes. Just have fun with them. They are all fuzzy except for Lucia. They all have dali tails except for Aruba. They are all also all girls except for Martinique. All in all a very lovely litter. Petz 3+

~ PKC Member Adoption Form ~

Have you adopted from us before:
Your Name:
Your Email:
Kennel/Cattery Name:
Petz you would like:
Chosen Call Name:
Chosen Show Name:
What is your PKC username:
Why are you interested in this petz
Did you read the rules:

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~ Non PKC Member Adoption Form ~

Your Name:
Your Email:
Petz you would like:
: show/breed/pet (insert all that apply)

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